Word-of-mouth feedback says so much more than we ever could. Here are just some of the thoughts that families, clients, attorneys, colleagues, and facilities have shared about their PGS experience. After reading through, we hope you can envision the way you’ll be taken care of when working with us.

“My experience with Michaela is that she is a person fiercely dedicated to advocating for her clients. Michaela seeks the very best possible care for her clients and is focused on problem resolution through effective communication with family, medical professionals and other stakeholders involved with the care and support of the client.”

Bob McLeod


Briggs & Morgan

“Michaela at PGS takes great pride in treating her clients as real people with needs … She is also humbled by the opportunity to help and serve… and is sensitive to the fact that each case and each person has very unique, individual needs.  She places her clients’ interests above all else and furthers those interests with all the vigor and professionalism one could ever demand for their loved one(s).”  

Nicholas R. Delaney, Attorney, Rinke Noonan Law Firm

“Professional Guardian Services is a professional business specializing in all aspects of guardianship and conservatorship services. Michaela personalizes each case to meet the needs of those involved … and is a passionate advocate who knows the ins and outs and the legalities of the health and medical systems. I would positively recommend Michaela & Professional Guardian Services for all guardianship and conservatorship needs.”

Dana J. Way, RHIT, CCA

CIO, Niobrara Community Hospital  

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michaela LeBlanc of Professional Guardian Services, (PGS) for the benefit of a mutual client. Guardianship, if done compassionately, is more of a vocation than a job. Acting in the best interests of another human being can be challenging, particularly when the family is at odds with decisions that are made. It takes a special temperament, a certain professional character to do what needs to be done. I have witnessed that with Michaela and would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of those services.”

Linda Szurek, It’s About Peace

“My name is Meggan and I am the Representative Payee Coordinator at Independent Lifestyles. Professional Guardian Services, PGS (Michaela) share a number of mutual consumers. Michaela is fantastic to work with. Her positive outlook and dedication to her clients is excellent! Michaela and I have been able to come up with some creative solutions to better serve our mutual consumers and think outside the box, in order to further the independence and lives of the people we serve. We have found Michaela to exhibit professionalism and true compassion for those she works with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for guardianship or conservator services!”

Meggan C.

“It has been my pleasure to work with Michaela in a handful of different situations. Since my first interaction with her, it was very apparent how much she truly cares about people & their well-being, which is so refreshing. She advocates for her clients & stands up for their needs. She tirelessly pushes for the best and is a wonderful example of the golden rule. I am happy & grateful to work with her!”

Shelby C. Edberg
Assistant Office Manager

“Professional Guardian Services has been wonderful to work with. Michaela has an incredible ability to see the strengths in people and to help guide the team to help the individuals she serves to succeed. She is also realistic and empathic about the barriers people may have, but she is creative in helping others move past those barriers. Michaela is always advocating for the best possible outcomes and is not afraid to tackle tough situations. She communicates effectively and is responsive during times of crisis to help support the team. It is a true pleasure to work with her!”

Josh’s Place Team, Foster care 

“I have worked with Michaela LeBlanc in regards to a foster child turned adult over the past several years. As this individual’s professional legal guardian, she has been diligent in learning about him and ensuring his best interests are being followed. 

She continues to engage her client in discussions to assist in determining how his care plan is being maintained. When it became apparent that these needs were not being met she was instrumental in identifying a more suitable placement for him and ensuring all team members were executing necessary changes.

As the client’s previous foster parents, per his request, we continue to have a relationship with him as an adult. Michaela has proven to be a tireless advocate for him as he has transferred into the adult foster care system. Her work on his behalf has made this transition less burdensome on him and his family. 

When questions or needs arise she is always available and ensures a line of communication is kept open until an appropriate solution can be attained. Her work for this client has been highly valuable in placing him in a position to be successful as a productive adult.”

Elisabeth & David Wallen

Adult Foster Care Provider 

“Michaela has been my daughter’s guardian since she was 19 years old. She has made it possible for my daughter and I to have a mother/daughter relationship without all the day-to-day decision making that a guardian needs to make in the best interests of my daughter. She has been so much more than a guardian, she always treats my now 24 year old daughter with dignity, respect, as well as a loving and caring adult in her life. She treats her as if she is her own child. She spends as many hours as necessary to support my daughter, even when it is way over the time she is paid. My daughter and I would not have a relationship at all, if we didn’t have the support of the “Best Guardian” in the State of Minnesota!!”

Mother to amazing daughter

“Michaela is my Nanny McPhee. When you need her but don’t want her she is here, when you want her but don’t need her she must leave. She has made me take a look at my life and helped me take control back. I couldn’t be here without her. She is tough and doesn’t take no for an answer. She believed in me when no one else did.”

MN Client

“Real people with really big issues. Michaela comes with her head and heart and makes sense of my complicated situation. I know she cares about me, forever. She is best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Believe me, Michaela is tough, and held me accountable to get and remain sober. She tells me she is proud of me and is glad I am alive. That means a lot!! I sometimes don’t like her but I know she has my best interest at heart and will always protect me and my finances, I am a Veteran and feel alone. I know with Michaela I will always have someone to push me, let me vent and help me.”

MN Client

Michaela, Professional Guardian Services has such deep care and compassion, She has worked closely with our family for years. She ensured Mother’s finances were in order and protected. She has educated us with Mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and has stood by us through all the tears and anger. Michaela and her team prepared and sold our childhood home, successfully moved my Mother into safer housing and kept us from falling apart. Michaela is always there for Mom and us. Michaela is amazing!!

MN Family