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PGS provides a wide array of important care and advocacy services. We specialize in serving adults who may be experiencing multiple issues, such as medical complexities or compound diagnoses. As permitted, our goal is to facilitate the development of independent living. We align our service plans with the needs, priorities, and abilities of each individual client.

Our main services include Conservatorships, Guardianships, Care Coordination, Case Management, Personal Meetings, Behavioral Management, Independent Living Skills, Securing Living Arrangements, Insurance Coordination, and Financial/Fiduciary Management. Learn more about each service below, or contact PGS directly to get started.


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Guardians and Conservators

Both guardians and conservators are appointed and supervised by the court. In a guardianship or conservatorship proceeding, the court orders an appointment of a person/agency as a legal decision maker for an individual who has demonstrated an inability to make decisions for themselves based on medical and behavioral evidence. In the case of guardianship, these decisions relate to the person’s health, well-being and housing. In the case of conservatorship, these decisions relate to the person’s financial affairs including their assets and overall estate.

PGS is a well-regarded company dedicated to helping a person subject to guardianship get the care they need while ensuring he or she has a comfortable living situation and a safe environment. PGS can arrange and consent to services that are needed to provide for a person’s care, comfort, and overall needs. This may include food, clothing, shelter, health care, as well as social and recreational services. Guardians also have the ability to consent to medical treatment and other professional care, apply for benefits, and approve contracts with appropriate providers. The court monitors all activities related to the court appointed guardianship.

Along with guardianships, PGS has been providing conservatorships for over 15 years. A conservator is responsible for managing a person’s financial affairs and ensuring that their needs are being met. The company is responsible for making sound decisions on behalf of the individual’s bank accounts, including both checking and savings, as well as investments and other assets such as real estate. Typically, the conservator pays all bills and can enter into contracts that ensures the person’s housing costs and other services are paid. All financial matters are governed by the court and subject to audit by My MN Conservator programs.

Care Coordination

PGS can help clients navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare system. We help coordinate care, as well as advocate for the client’s needs and represent their best interests by communicating with the various healthcare providers the client may need .We are persistent about care coordination that results in better outcomes for the client.

Case Management

Our case management style is an active, multi-step, collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation of coordinated treatment plans, behavioral management, psychosocial services, care coordination, and advocacy. We consult with qualified providers for recommendations and support. We seek the most cost-effective options and services to meet the clients medical and mental health needs. This is achieved through communication, documentation, recommendations and executable action. . With the client’s active participation and our guidance, PGS strives to support clients to have the most independence and be as self-sufficient as possible.

Behavioral Management

PGS provides behavior management assistance in collaboration with a workable Behavior Plan that is be based on the client’s current set of needs. Our goal is to assist in the creation of a behavioral modification plan to replace undesirable behaviors with more desirable ones, through positive reinforcement. We believe client involvement helps them to move towards healthy behaviors. We oversee the behavior modification plan with our clients, and providers to ensure the plan is person centered and beneficial.

Independent Living Skills (ADLs, IADLs)

Living on one’s own is an important life skill that should be fostered in a way that works for each client. PGS can provide the unique opportunities to establish a sustainable independent lifestyle, with training available for household management skills, personal hygiene and care, emergency response, leisure planning, and financial matters. On a personal level, PGS is willing to develop plans to provide incentives for our clients’ continued self-confidence.

Living Arrangements

Housing options will be made available to all clients of PGS. We will advocate on a client’s behalf for appropriate housing. PGS will provide all necessary research and referrals in locating the best fit. Relocation, from intake through the sale of property and liquidation of assets is available upon request subject to approval of the court. We need to ensure safety and appropriateness for living. We strive to be as person centered as possible. We are here when you need us.

Insurance Coordination

Insurance coordination is an essential part of ensuring that our clients are well taken care of. PGS assists in making sure coverage is in place. Get in touch with PGS to learn more about our Insurance Coordination process.

Personal Meetings

PGS is here to serve our clients with the person-centered attention they deserve, which includes making sure they have the living environment needed to thrive. During personal meetings, we can evaluate our client’s needs on a necessities level, including things like taking a closer look at a person’s living environment to ensure proper care is being given, medications are being administered, and basic living needs are being met. With this type of communication and intervention, we can ensure that our clients have their personal needs in order, which help contribute to a higher quality of life overall. Please contact PGS to learn more.